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Easily organize and share action items, decisions, and takeaways from online meetings
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How breadcrumb works

Breadcrumb allows you to easily take notes inside your video call.
Meeting summaries are tagged within your call to automatically organize relevant knowledge
Decisions, action items, and takeaways are mapped across meetings to give you context

Radically improve your productivity

Save Hours

We help you create fast, accurate summaries. Organize your notes as your write them, without having to switch outside of your video call.

View Related Knowledge

Spend less time understanding context. View related notes by person and topic to understand context from all sides. Breadcrumb combines and organizes takeaways across meetings.

Organize Instantly

Breadcrumb uses AI to tag your notes for you. This organizes your actionable meeting knowledge and allows you to view related knowledge quickly. Be prepared for every meeting. Be the smartest person in the room.

Ensure meeting takeaways don’t get lost

Fast, Accurate Summaries
We allow you to take notes inside your video tool using a structure note-taking editor. Capture the most important points from a meeting without switching to a different application or waiting until after the meeting to remember what's important.
Automatic Organization
As you take notes we use A.I. technology to help you organize your meeting summaries fast. Quickly view relevant knowledge across meetings .
Powerful Tracking
We specialize in tracking the most important information within a meeting note. We map decisions, action items, and takeaways across meetings so you stay informed.
Seamless integration
Get started in 2 minutes. Breadcrumb's technology lives inside your favorite video tools. Organize notes with breadcrumb and export into your existing task, project, and team knowledge applications.

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