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3 steps to keep your team updated

Effective updates fast through our smart editor
Personalized summaries to the right audience
audiences through one click actions

How Breadcrumb helps you communicate better

Save Time Writing Quality Updates

Our smart editor guides you to create updates fast that engage your team. Choose templates that align with your update's goal and intended audience.

Build Culture & Increase Visibility

Co-create updates to build community while filling gaps in understanding. Breadcrumb will send related updates in a single email to the right audience.

Align Initiatives

Keep teams and partners aligned. Create timelines of overlapping topic or audience updates to share between teams.

Reduce Redundant Communication

Communicate important updates once. In our application updates are organized by topic and audience. Everyones sees a personalized view of the updates that have been shared with them. No one feels overwhelmed by irrelevant information.
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Integrate with your favorite tools

Streamline your existing communication workflows. We're building new ways to pull updates from and send updates to your favorite tools. Which tool would you like us to integrate with next?

Miscommunication costs companies with 100 employees an average of $420,000 per year.

Happy teams outperform the competition by 20%.

Mike Fix

Software Engineer,
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I love reading shipped emails. It's inspiring to read what other teams are working on.

Peter Klinge, Jr.

We want to tap in to our investor and customer networks to add value to our entire company.

Marci Waters

Client Relationship Manager,
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Communicating short, succinct updates is how we stay efficient in our business.
Breadcrumb.so helps us eliminate the slow middle. Every team member can update the company as a whole. It's empowering.

Peter Stephens

Dir. Global Security Operations,
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Effective communication requires organization and discipline. We choose the tool based on scope and purpose.

Kav Ohiomoba

Chief Technology Officer,
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I want to be able to share wins with the team so that the understand where they fit into the plan and that we are moving and executing.

Make excellent communication easy.

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