Magically Capture and Organize your Conversations

Breadcrumb uses AI to generate action items and team knowledge from conversations.
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How breadcrumb works

Breadcrumb starts by recording your online conversations.
Our AI creates a summary of relevant takeaways for you and your team.
View knowledge and action items across conversations.

Give yourself and your team organizing superpowers

Don't just capture, organize

Spend seconds instead of minutes or hours organizing meeting notes. Breadcrumb uses AI to instantly convert meetings into browsable summaries.

See the big picture

Spend less time putting the pieces together. View your past meetings in a single view that’s relevant to you and your team.

Be prepared

Be the smartest person in the room. View related notes by person and topic to understand context from all sides.

Access team knowledge

Remove knowledge silos. Breadcrumb combines and organizes takeaways across meetings. Unlock what others know that helps you make progress.

Breadcrumb makes your workflow easier, faster, and better

Action Plans
Reduce time following up on action items. Breadcrumb’s workflows give you best practices you can use out of the box to save time converting conversations into progress.
Team Collaboration
Reduce time communicating. Summarize customer requirements, share knowledge, and simplify group discussions.
Bird’s eye view
See how relationships, knowledge, and progress evolve through each meeting. Informative timelines reveal decision flow.
Seamless integration
Get started in as little as 2 minutes. Connect your calendars and online meeting tools to sync Breadcrumb into your existing workflow.

Breadcrumb aims to remove unnecessary work from daily communication.

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